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★ 1995

Cooperate with Taiwan developed the first single cast embossed film production line, and a hit, selling at home, made a pot of gold in the field of casting equipment.

★ 2000

The development and production of the first layer co extruded cast embossed film production line, and use the successful commissioning.

★ 2004

PE, PVC cast cling film unit developed three axis automatic coiling, film width can reach 2000mm. The Korea Companies and the successful signing and export of the ultra wide 3000MM casting PE film production line and PVC film production line, in the field of plastic film equipment fame, marking the international competitiveness.

★ 2007

Through ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification. The development of the first domestic ion-exchange membrane extrusion casting device and thermal transfer film was selected as the national "863 project" and "11th Five-Year" science and technology support projects.

★ 2008

Investment of 30 million yuan, covers an area of 50 acres, the construction of a new modern film equipment production base, move to a world class factory line.

★ 2009

Beijing University of Chemical Technology and marriage, to create "Beijing University of Chemical Technology teaching and research base", build a test platform for plastic film machinery research and innovation.

★ 2010

Awarded "excellent enterprise of light industry in Hebei province" and "advanced enterprise of Hebei Province in 2010".

★ 2011

Is China Plastic Association named "China plastic film industry 20 strong enterprises", and was awarded the "Chinese plastic film technology R & D equipment manufacturing base" title, marking the company became the first cast film equipment R & D and manufacturing leader.

★ 2012

By the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association as "2011 China plastics extrusion molding machine industry top 5 enterprises" and "2011 China plastics machinery industry comprehensive strength of the top 20 enterprises".

★ 2013

The successful Guangzhou Adsale Exhibition 2015 Chinaplas, sing at the scene of casting film unit, since becoming a machinery manufacturer of plastic casting film industry new benchmark.

★ 2014

In Chinese Chinaplas exhibitors Shanghai Adsale customer reception area of 300 square meters, nearly 1000, is a grand meeting of the previous maximum. The two phase of the expansion of new land nearly 200 acres, the new plant of 60 thousand square meters, the acquisition of a number of CNC machining centers, in 2015 put into use.

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