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We have a professional and highly qualified technical support and service team and a modernized, specialized and complete set of operation and maintenance tools. With sufficient supply of spare components, we are experienced in on-site installation, debugging and training and have passed the certification of CE from EU and ISO9001 international quality system. We are dedicated to providing perfect service for customers in aspects of products consultation, ordering, logistics and the completion status of orders.

★ Pre-sales Service

Patiently and timely solving various technical problems proposed by customers, we also provide comprehensive analysis on production cost, prediction of market prospect, technical information on plant layout as well as specific quotation solutions. Besides, we sincerely invite customers to make personal inspection on our production strength, product quality and company scale. Customers also can pay a visit to our factory to investigate machine operation behavior and on-site production condition so that customers can learn about more production experience to lay solid foundations for individual production.

★ Sales Service

We adopt one–to–one order follow-up mode to provide instant production information for customers, and will patiently solve all the problems occurring in the marketing process. We strictly inspect all the raw material and components and set up certain control index for each production procedure. The production and quality inspection records of each machine are completely preserved to ensure the integrity of quality record.
Each set of machine for delivery should be provided with qualified certificate and the certificate of acceptance. The turnkey project is available for our company and we will take charge of packaging, transportation, installation and acceptance inspection, and also we will carry out the full-course project management.

★ After-sales Service

We will send engineers to implement on-site technical guidance on installation and debugging for customers. The quality problem or the problem occurred during the installation will be properly solved within the least time. As for the problems that customers cannot solve on their own, we will again dispatch engineers to assist customers in debugging to ensure that the production would not be affected and customers can timely consign goods as ordered.
What’s more, we provide the 24-hour free service hotline 400-816-6565 to offer timely service like fault removal, spare parts as well as the integrated and comprehensive technical support. Also, the specialized service solution is available for each customer to satisfy customers’ needs in continuous production and pave the way for smooth production.
Please contact us whatever problems you have. Our professional and powerful technical service network is ready to provide consultation and one-stop service all the time for you, including the complete presales technical solutions, equipment installation, debugging, maintenance, spare parts supply, emergent repair, equipment transformation as well as related dedicated training service.

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