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“Long distance separates no bosom friends.” “It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar.”Here I am very glad to send my best wishes to all of you.Look back the past time, we will not forget the attention and help from friends in different fields, and also will not forget the supports and cooperation with specialists and scholars. Here I am very thankful to everyone.HB Machinery specializes in researching, manufacturing cast film lines. For many years, under the help of specialists and scholars and the efforts of all staffs, HB Machinery cast film lines are widely used for plastic packaging industry with its specialization, series, modernization and scale production.
HB Machinery has successfully passed ISO9001 International Quality System Certification and CE Certificate. For recent years, we have jointly developed green, energy-saving and emission-reducing low carbon new products with colleges and universities in response to green market demand, such as CPE High Transparent Packaging Film Line, CPE Cast Protective Film Line, High Speed PVC Cling Film Line, Five-Layer Co-extrusion PE/PO Cling Film Line, Fluorine Film Line ,TPU Environmental Leather Line, New Four-shaft High Speed Stretch Film Line,Functional Breathable Film Line, Functional Soft Sheet Line and Full Biodegradation Film Line, filled in a gap in China and taken another substantial step forward on the road of developing new lines and expanding market.
HB Machinery has successfully stood in Chinese market and quickly walked into Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and so on. Look ahead, we will keep our company spirit: “scientific, precise, practical and high efficient”, keep on insisting our company policy: “research high-quality products, offer excellent service, satisfy customer’s need, perfect quality system”, carry out elaborating and scientific management mode, and achieve constant development in the competition of international market by absorbing world-advanced technology and constantly researching and developing new technology and new products. HB Machinery is willing to make more broad cooperation with the friends at domestic and abroad, making the new contribution to the resplendent development of Chinese machinery industry.Sincerely wish all of you have a prospect business and everything goes well! Xinle Huabao Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.Chairman: Mr. Chen Zengguo
January 01, 2015

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