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★ Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Spirit: Solidarity, Dedication, Diligence, Innovation
Enterprise Slogan: HB Machinery, Create national brand, Share with the world.
Development Concept: High starting point, High speed, High efficiency.
Work Concept: Practical and realistic attitude, Disinterested and high efficient style, Leading consciousness, Never yielding and brave to shoulder heavy burdens.

★ Business Concept

Make market research with global concept, Integrate market with linked concept, Judge market with long-term concept, Validate market with benefit concept.

★ Management Concept

Promote unified action with ideological unity, Promote quality with action, Promote management with quality, Promote efficiency with management.

★ Employment Concept

Entrust with an important task by moral; make every staff become talent by appropriate employment; the survival of the fittest, the development of the strong; pay attention to incentives for outstanding contribution.

★ Service Concept

We work for your satisfaction heartedly.

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